11 Oct 2010

Razer giving away 1337 goodies

To commemorate getting a whole bunch of friends on Facebook Razer, makers of gaming peripherals are giving away a huge stash of loot.

This stash includes:

Razer also have 1337 unspecified prizes to give out to those who sign up.

So click here to sign up now, and go like their Facebook page.

I have to say that whenever I've encountered Razer products I've always been impressed with the funtionality and build quality. I've had my Diamondback for a good long while and have not had any issues with it.

M out.

In the interests of full disclosure, if you sign up using the links above it increases my own chances of winning. That being said I wouldn't be promoting the contest if I didn't think the prize was worth it. May the best man win ;)

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