29 Sep 2010

Dragon Age 2 Gameplay Footage - What Have They Done?

I caught this on twitter via @TheSocialGamer and I know its unfair to judge from the short glimpse we're given, and the commentary is in German (I think, its hard to tell) but it looks like they've turned Dragon Age into Dynasty Warriors. Not a good sign.

judge for yourself below:

Now I'm all for streamlining systems and making them more accessible, but unless the PC version of Dragon Age 2 is markedly different from the Xbox version (which is what we're seeing here) it certainly looks like they've turned it into a button masher. Bioware did so well with Mass effect 2, in that it iterated very nicely on the first game. Shaving off only those things which were necessary to smooth things out and making the combat more action oriented was a smart move in terms of pacing and excitement.

Dragon Age on the other hand was nigh on perfect. The combat was tactical enough to be challenging and actiony enough to be exciting. Take out the tactics and its all down to reaction times and hitting the buttons in the right sequence, you may as well be playing dance dance revolution.

I'm being a bit cynical about this though. the video has what? Thirty seconds of combat? This is probably not the best first look at it and I should probably give Bioware the benefit of the doubt. They've yet to produce a game that hasn't been great, don't let Dragon Age 2 be the combo breaker.

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