22 Sep 2010

Rumours of GOG's Demise...

It seems I was somewhat premature in my burial of Good Old Games, they're holding a press conference this evening (6pm CET) to explain what is going on. I await the outcome with baited breath.

Update: GOG.com being taken down was a publicity stunt. It got a bit of a mixed reception.

Fine, if you're updating your website, expanding your service, and coming out of Beta, make a song and dance about it by all means. But, and here's where I agree with Scott Jennings (formerly Lum the Mad), Do not take your site down for 5 days with no explanation and with no way to provide paying customers with the items that they paid for.

It highlights the elephant in the room of many of the digital distribution services, namely that if they disappear overnight then you lose access to your games (ofc GOG does let you download DRM free copies of the games so you can make as many 'backups' as you feel is necessary, but thats beside the point.) If Valve were to vanish overnight, taking Steam with them, then all us Steam users would be shit out of luck with no way to play the games that we have paid for.

OK, on a limited marketing budget they have managed to generate quiet alot of publicity, but there is such a thing as bad publicity. and as I state above this is not just bad publicity for GOG but for all those engaged in legitimate digital distribution of games. Way to take a step backwards boys.

M out.

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