9 Sep 2010

It doesn't rain but it pours...

On top of having issues with my webhosts for my other site, and packing up an apartment to move next week, my PC died this morning.

I'm hoping that its just the PSU that has gone (looks like it as I tested with a working PSU) but there is the possibility that it took the mobo with it, which is never a good thing.

Someone out there may be able to help answer a query in this regard:

Upon plugging the other power supply in to my PC and powering it up I got fans going and post beeps along with a high pitched whistle which was quite alarming. Does this mean that my mobo is shot and its putting too much strain on the PSU or is it a case of the PSU not being beefy enough to run the mobo?

(The original PSU was 400w while the one I tested it with was 550W so the second option doesn't seem likely)

Further updates will be sporadic at best for the foreseeable future which is a pain as the first weeks of a new blog are formative in terms of building a readership etc.

M out

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