25 Sep 2010

Its Official (finally) WoD MMO does exist

As was expected the big reveal at White Wolf's Grand Masquerade in New Orleans last night was a teaser for the WoD MMO.

Information is still sparse save that to begin with it will be based on the setting from Vampire: The Masquerade (as opposed to the current Vampire: The Requiem) and will focus on the social and political aspects of the setting. Vampires only I'm afraid, but that was only to be expected, maybe if theres wnough interest the other facets of the WoD world will be added later one (my vote is for Mage, though that could be tricky to get right).

The only video available of the reveal, and indeed of the trailer itself is the following shakycam version, I'll post an official one as soon as it surfaces.

I've already had tweets from some saying that the choice of the Masquerade setting is a dealbreaker for them, and I personally am disappointed that the other races aren't part of the package. Then again there were always going to be nay-sayers no matter what White Wolf/CCP did. We should probably just be happy that it's being done at all.

I've been waiting for this announcement for some time, so you can bet I'll be keeping a close eye on things from here on.

*Thx to Ardwolf for getting the skinny on this whilst I was busy with other things,

M out

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